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Literary Award SABA

02 October, 2018

The annual Literary Award SABA, founded by TBC Bank back in 2003, is now the most prestigious and influential award in Georgia.

Each year, the jury reviews literary compositions (novels, poetic/prosaic collections, documentary prose, translations etc.) and Georgian translations of foreign texts of the previous year.

The SABA Award ceremony is considered as the major literary event of the year. This year, Saba begs to differ: its 16th ceremony on October 12 will be held at Kaisersaal, historic hall of the Frankfurt City Hall as Georgia will be an honorary guest of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The SABA Award ceremony is going to be one of the largest and the most outstanding events within the Georgian program.

This year, 3 nominations have been added: for the Best Foreign Critique of Georgian Literature, the Best Foreign Publisher of Georgian Literature, and for Contribution to Georgian-German Literary Relations. Winning authors will receive monetary prizes from TBC Bank in addition to the special on awarded.

Honorary foreign guests will also attend the ceremony alongside with Georgian authors and members of the official delegation from Georgia.

The event is closed and media representatives will be allowed to attend with a special pass only. It will be possible to view the award ceremony via TBC and SABA Facebook pages.

Electronic book house SABA is an open and extremely diverse platform founded in 2012, which followed in the footsteps of the SABA Award and not only does it present Georgian and foreign literature, but also allows virtually any author to place and publicize his/her work online.

SABA has initiated numerous social and educational projects, including “City-Library”, which is a free electronic library in the streets of several Georgian cities that are named after Georgian authors; the first Georgian application for the blind etc. Today, more than half a million electronic books have been given out for free.


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