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Tiflis on My Mind

27 September, 2018

The Exhibition ‘Tiflis on My Mind’ is the first exhibition in Europe dedicated to the Georgian Alphabet. The exposition contains more than 100 exhibits displaying samples from the Art Palace of Georgia, as well as from private collections. Visitors to the Klingspor Museum Offenbach will be able to discover the history of the Georgian Alphabet dating back to the V century, and will get to see rare manuscripts re-written by master calligraphers, precious miniatures done on parchment and paper, and rare samples of letters made using the human figure. The exposition also includes first edition books published in Rome and Tbilisi, which well-reflect the history and industry of printing of the late Middle Ages. A prominent part of the exposition will feature font samples created in the period of the Soviet Union, with propaganda posters, and futuristic and cubist samples decorated with letters.

The Georgian Alphabet can be compared to an unexplained sphinx. English Orientalist William Edward David Allen (1901-1973) wrote: “The diversity and richness of the sounds of the Georgian language express the completeness and accuracy of the Georgian Alphabet; each sound fits to each letter; each letter is pronounced exactly and clearly. In this regard, no one letter can be compared to another”. In the Klingspor Museum, visitors will have opportunity to see this unique and universal adventure of a writing system for themselves.

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