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Georgian National Book Center presents official trailer created by  JWT Metro
Georgia Made by Characters
Concept by CONNECT
Concept text by Aka Morchiladze
Branding by Gia Bokhua, Kakha Kakhadze and Tako Chabukiani
Georgia is a small country, but you need to take a deep breath if you’re going to understand it, because Georgia progresses not step by step, but in leaps and bounds. 
These leaps and bounds are vociferous, joyful, ancient and new; in some ways they are polite, in other ways they are tiresome. They have their origins in centuries-old traditional discipline, they are also undisciplined while still adhering to tradition; they are unmeasured and detailed. You can pass along twisting mountain passes from the barren wastes of Javakheti to the subtropical Ajaria, where you can stand on a scorching-hot beach and see snow-covered mountains, where the noise of a demonstration accompanies a glass of wine and a hot loaf of bread. This is when Svanetia’s Mt Ushba, covered with stone towers, suddenly alternates with Tbilisi’s opera house and the dreams of peasants dozing in the shade of a walnut tree. 
What consolidates and unites all this, and what seems to us the main symbol of Georgia’s eternal essence, is the Georgian writing system: 33 letters which have carried Georgia through so many centuries and which we must acknowledge as the force that has held it together and is what chiefly unites it in all its heterogeneity. 
Nothing in Georgia is so like Georgia as the Georgian alphabet. Nothing suits Georgian words and Georgian moods so well as the Georgian alphabet does, and nothing is so Georgian as the Georgian alphabet. It goes without saying that there is an awful lot we do not know about our alphabet and, at the same time, we do know a great deal about it. The Georgian alphabet is unique among the world’s original writing systems. In any case, our language does not belong to the Indo-European, or the Semitic, nor any other language family: among the languages of the globe, it forms a special Kartvelian group and has a linguistic system with a unique structure.
The Georgian alphabet is an ancient, well-tried, elegant, beautiful instrument: from time immemorial it has been adapted to give a concrete representation of our moods, to construct poems, to narrate history. To put it another way, to preserve for all time Georgia’s existence, to open up its heart, to immortalise its joys and sorrows.
The 33 Georgian Characters are 33 entry points for Georgia’s images and sounds, which can only be brought to life by the magical structure of our Alphabet.